Beware of fake agents

Many students now a days prefer option of studying abroad but they are not aware of the procedure and information regarding it. Considering the complex procedure of studying abroad many students are targeted by fake agents and gets cheated. As students pay heavy amount for these MBBS courses abroad, many mid agents try to create confusion to cheat them. Many such scam instances keep on happening now adays. These scamsters try to mislead students with false information. Such scams involved I.e., sending students to non-recognised universities, non-accredited courses, submitting fake academic and bank papers and that leads to blacklisting of candidates later. if any student hands over tuition fees to agent directly or any money for other arrangements such as hostel or Indian mess then there are chances that they might get cheated. Your tuition fees of college must be deposited in the University directly and not in the hands of Agents. So, students must be aware of such deceit of fraud agents.

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