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Students generally take the USMLE Step 1 after finishing their 2nd year of basic science stage and gain success by studying online coaching for a couple of months as the concepts are still fresh in their minds. Further, they start preparing for USMLE Step 2 during their clinical courses and give the exam following the clinical years..

One can only retake the USMLE exam if he fails in it. Otherwise, if he scores less and wishes to give it again, then that’s not going to happen. Plus, the scores remain with the students for seven years beginning from the date of exam.

  • Firstly, let’s take the first situation. The student gives the USMLE exams without having any preparation. This may lead the student to a very big trouble as if they score less, they cannot enhance their score by giving it again for 7 years. Therefore, one must prepare and be careful while taking these steps.
  • Secondly, the next alternative is online preparation. A student can get online USMLE step 1 books and other material for his preparation of USMLE. However, there are some drawbacks in this alternative as you don’t get a mentor who can guide you throughout the steps. Similarly, one should not opt for this step unless he is industrious.
  • Thirdly, students can also take commercial courses for USMLE preparation. This is the most popular way. It includes buying USMLE books, taking mock tests, studying the material, etc. Therefore, with the help of this, the students can prepare for the best and achieve higher marks.
  • Above all, some students prefer the Medical College assisted USMLE preparation programmers by which the course gets mixed into the medical education as well as they get daily guidance throughout the course.

Firstly, Doctor Educon Consultancy has a success rate of 99%, assisting students to clear USMLE Step 1 & Step 2 CK CS Program with ease.

  • Secondly, Doctor Educon Consultancy has a curriculum that concentrates on essentials needed to clear the USMLE Exams as well as specifying the time table as to how much time should be given to each subject.
  • Thirdly, Doctor Educon Consultancy’s team of USMLE experts is available 24X7 for solving student’s queries.
  • Through Doctor Educon Consultancy, you get to prepare for USMLE by learning from physicians who have done very well in all USMLE Steps and have done residency training in a very less time.
  • Above all, Doctor Educon Consultancy charges a reasonable amount of fees from the students plus it offers many other amenities too!

The reason why one should choose Doctor Educon Consultancy for preparation of USMLE is because we offer a distinctive approach. That enables the students to study the modules actively as well as earnestly prepare for their USMLE exams. Therefore, this will help them to learn in an enhanced way as well as remembering the concepts for a very long time.

Through this approach, the students score well in all steps of USMLE. Moreover, the courses taught by experienced doctors who have cleared USMLE Steps themselves without facing any trouble. While in other institutions, the courses taught by PhDs or sometimes medical students who do not have any such USMLE experience. Therefore, in such aspects, Doctor Educon Consultancy stands apart from other institutions as we have professional MDs who can guide you throughout the journey of USMLE and make you clear the exam with ease.

Secondly, the reason for choosing Doctor Educon Consultancy is the detailed study pattern that we follow which includes examining the USMLE question papers and on the basis of that, we design our modules. Through this, we provide that material to a student which will probably come in the USMLE Exam as well as prepare them for the best.

Thirdly, Doctor Educon Consultancy does proper research and impart only the valuable information to the students which they will be going to need in the USMLE Exam. In another words, Doctor Educon Consultancy aims at preparing the students not only for scoring good marks in the exam but to do it without facing any trouble.

Q6. Why should one prefer Doctor Educon Consultancy rather than arranging one’s own learning material?

Many students prefer to study through their own study material which is not even sufficient to study properly, rather than joining an institution. However, they seek guidance from their senior medical students and through this, one has very less chances that he is going to perform well in the exam. But if you prepare through Doctor Educon Consultancy, then there is a 100% chance of you clearing this exam scoring good marks with ease.

There are a lot of variations in the medical schools located outside the USA and Canada in terms of education and curriculum. Therefore, ECFMG certification is necessary to verify whether the graduates from these schools prepared for residency in the US and fellowship courses accredited by the ACGME (Accreditation Council Graduate Medical Education).

Similarly, one can start by submitting the ECFMG application, clearing some exams and fulfilling other requirements of ECFMG such as copies of the student’s medical education certificates following the verification of ECFMG’s verification of the certificate with the student’s medical school. However, this whole process is referred to as ECFMG certification.

ECFMG certification is necessary for those international medical graduates who wish to pursue a fellowship program in the US and attain ACGME accredited residency there. Plus, it is required for appearing in the USMLE Step 3 exam. Further, the certification needs to be done before one enters the program. Similarly, one is also eligible to practice medicine in the United States by acquiring a license. To sum up, let’s say it is necessary as well as beneficial to get certified by ECFMG.

In order to apply for ECFMG Certification as well as Step 1, Step 2 CK/CS, IWA (Interactive Web Applications) can be used. Even though you’ve already registered for USMLE Steps, you can use it to extend your eligibility period. However, you cannot extend the period of USMLE Step 2 CS.

The application for ECFMG Certification includes the certification of the Identification form and an online application which can be accessed through Interactive Web Applications (IWA). However, it requires the candidate to confirm their identity, graduation details and the medical schools in which he is studying in order to meet the requirements of ECFMG eligibility. One more requirement is that the candidate must be well acknowledged of the purpose of ECFMG as well as agree to certain terms.

There are many ways in which one can pay for the application. For instance, one can pay through credit card or by electronic banking through a U.S. checking account. In order to do that, you must own a driving license in the USA.

Another way in which one can pay is by sending a payment to ECFMG with the help of Form 900. This is only possible if you’re having a USMLE or ECFMG identification number. You can start applying for IWA once you’ve received the payment in your ECFMG financial account.

Moreover, you can check the status of your account through OASIS (On-line Applicant Status and Information system) or through the mobile app of ECFMG. Further, one has to make these payments in advance if he is about to make more than one credit card transaction for the payment of application.

The EMSWP or ECFMG Medical School Web Portal provides the user access to ECFMG’s online services. Some of these include verification by medical schools of those graduates who apply for ECFMG as well as track their performance in the USMLE Steps. Moreover, all international medical schools can participate in EMSWP.

For this, any official of the institution must request to EMSWP regarding its access followed by the instructions laid down by EMSWP in their official website from which you can get further information about the process plus request the administrator for the request forms. However, the students are not allowed to enroll their medical school in EMSWP. It must be done by an official of a medical school only.

Yes, it is possible that the EMSWP may provide the student’s international medical school with your scores in USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CS as well as Step 2 CK

You are eligible to get back the results from your medical school once you’ve registered for the examination. In order to do that, you need to submit an application requesting for the same with the help of IWA. Also, this must be done 10 days prior to your scheduled exam date. If you’re not informed of such dates, then it should be done 10 days prior to your expiry of eligibility period. Also, one must know that separate requests must be submitted for each examination as one request is valid for getting back only one withheld result.

Moreover, such requests are applicable for getting back the individual performance and not aggregate performances. In case someone’s medical school is receiving aggregate data of their students regarding the examination, then the individual performance cannot be excluded from it.

In order to get the eligibility period for step 1 or step 2 CK of USMLE, one must provide the ECFMG with online part of your application for exam, plus your status needs to be verified as to whether you’re a student or a graduate, from the medical school to which you’re enrolled in.

There are many other documents needed to be submitted and all of this should be done before the 24th day of your eligibility period and the process must be done before the 25th day of your eligibility period. Well, you’re given 24 days to do this job.

However, even if you submit the applications on the 24th, there is not a 100% chance that you’re going to attain the eligibility period on the 25th day. Therefore, if that happens then you’ll be assigned the next period depending on the date your application is sent into process.

One must also refer to the booklet of ECFMG where information regarding the eligibility period is given. However, there is no deadline laid down by ECFMG for submission of USMLE Step 2 CK application. Rather, you are given a 1 year period starting from the date the process of the application is done.

One can request to extend the USMLE Step 1/Step 2 CK only when the eligibility period has begun. The process of the request must be completed before the given deadline of the running period, otherwise it’ll get rejected. For further information, you may refer to this link.

However, if you’re applying for both eligibility periods simultaneously, and both of them are different, then the processing will happen following the deadline of the preceding period. The request involves many processes. For instance, verification needs to be done with your medical school to determine your status as to whether you’re a student or a graduate plus the online process.

The verification process is always done by the method laid down by the school. For example, if the school has registered for the electronic verification, then they will receive a request from EMWSP (ECFMG Medical School Web Portal). Whereas if they choose the paper verification system, then the process of Certification Statement (Form 183-E) must be completed.

The application process takes around 2 weeks to complete involving the online process and the verification process with the medical school. Well, there are two cases. In the first case, you’re a graduate from a medical school and participate for the purpose of EMSWP status verification but your medical credentials haven’t been verified by ECFMG. Or you’re a student of a medical school that has taken part in EMSWP.

In both the situations, the process is unable to be completed by ECFMG unless your status of whether you’re a student or graduate is verified by your respective medical schools through EMSWP. For this, ECFMG will request verification from your medical school at any time within 2 weeks of receipt of the online process of the application.

Yet the time needed for the entire process to be completed will depend on your medical school’s response to the verification request. One must know that the request will get rejected unless verified by your respective medical school within 12 months from the date your application is given to EMSWP.

Well, it is possible that one can apply for more than one exam simultaneously. To do this, you must finish item 22 of the application form for the first paper and complete the eligibility requirements for other exams. After this process is completed, you are permitted to apply for other exams too!

You may not need to provide the information again if you’ve already submitted it as it is possible to access some of the information of the previous application you’ve submitted to ECFMG.