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MBBS in Uzbekistan

Studying MBBS in Uzbekistan currently turns into the ideal alternative for Indian students. It correlates with different medical examinations, experienced resources, looked after medical clinics, and phenomenal food quality. MBBS in Uzbekistan is a five years course and 100% English medium all through the five years. Medical schooling in Uzbekistan is excellent; it satisfies the worldwide guideline of instruction. From the previous years, there has been a tremendous tendency of students for studying MBBS abroad. MBBS in Uzbekistan 2022-23 is one of the commendable choices for Indian students to practice medicine abroad. Studying in medical colleges of Uzbekistan gives a more excellent calibre of training, regional pathology, learning diagnostics, taking care of the patients, practising medical care and some more.

Consistently the quantity of Indian students comes to Uzbekistan for MBBS study. Between 1992 and 2021, the Government in Uzbekistan has burnt through a great deal of energy in providing quality preparation to medical students. Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia. This nation is encircled by five nations, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan. Because of its illustrious history and critical areas, the country is known for its different social legacy. Uzbekistan has various gatherings and societies.

This nation has a high literacy rate, and it offers clinical examinations at truly reasonable fees to other nations’ students. Such countless students from various countries come here to study MBBS in Uzbekistan. This nation gives a one of a kind climate to learn. We suggest Uzbekistan to Indian students for the medical examinations because you will get high education to explore their way of life. The transportation administrations are all around overseen, and on the off chance that you can speak fluent English, you can carry on with a genuinely peaceful life. Getting admission to MBBS in Uzbekistan is likewise extremely simple at this point.

About Uzbekistan

The Republic of Uzbekistan acquired autonomy in 1991, in the wake of being essential for the previous Soviet Union since 1924, and it has started its change to a market economy. Uzbekistan is an official republic and conducts presidential and parliamentary races consistently. The President of Uzbekistan is Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Uzbekistan is an asset-rich, doubly-landlocked nation, deliberately situated in the core of Central Asia. It has a population of around 32 million (as recorded at the start of 2017), roughly 50% lives in metropolitan zones. Uzbekistan’s populace represents about 46% of Central Asia’s populace of 68 mln individuals. In 2011 the World Bank renamed Uzbekistan from a low-pay to a lower centre pay country.

Since the mid-90s, Uzbekistan has sought a careful and continuous way to deal with economic changes. The public exchange system is inflexible, with general levy and non-duty hindrances set up. Fundamental financial approaches have included dynamic state intercessions intended to accomplish independence in grain and energy assets, import replacement, and the amassing of foreign trade holds.

Quick Information MBBS In Uzbekistan

NMC and WHO approved
50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology Aggregate
Course Duration
6 Years (5+1 Year Internship)
Minimum Tuition Fee with Hostel
₹ 14,35,000
Maximum Tuition Fee with Hostel
₹ 17,00,000
Yes, compulsory
Not Required
Medium of Teaching

MBBS In Uzbekistan For Indian Students

Uzbekistan is the focal Asian country which Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan, and Afghanistan encircle. Tashkent is the country’s capital, and it is 42nd spot in the term of the populace. This nation is with exceptionally instructed individuals’, and they treat schooling as a fundamental and significant factor throughout everyday life. Uzbek is the local and commonly spoken language of this nation, Uzbekistan. Because of the travel industry and now people speak fluent English. There is an enormous degree of social and customary flourishing in this nation; individuals fixated and focused on their way of life. Uzbekistan is a profoundly chronicled country. It has an incredible and careful, just as instructive history. There is 90% Muslim populace and remaining others like Christen, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

MBBS in Uzbekistan is the extraordinary decision of numerous Indian and worldwide students who need to finish their medical training. As in India, Uzbekistan is perhaps the most adored country for MBBS competitors. Due to bilingual investigation and assorted practice, Indians are treated with adoration and regard in Uzbekistan. It is one of the safest and peaceful countries and gives global openness to the student’s and explores the way of life and well-known objections alongside study. That is the reason a student shouldn’t consider MBBS in Uzbekistan.

  1. Many global students and Indian students are coming to study in Uzbekistan. So nature and living are so cordial.
  2. Numerous universities with WHO and Medical Council of India (MCI) and different nations associations endorsed practising medicine anyplace they need. The degree is permitted everywhere in the world.
  3. Numerous medical students dropped their thoughts because of not getting confirmation in India in light of NEET marks and Reservation, so they came to Uzbekistan and completed their fantasy in pitiful school paces.
  4. There is a 5+1 year course. One year for an internship program. For Internship, there is no compelling reason to discover any clinic or other foundation. School or college offers their students for entry-level position programs.
  5. Colleges and universities have accomplished and exceptionally experienced staff and teachers.
  6. Inconsistently there are 7000+ students from India in the worldwide student exchange. So now you know the biological system of their schooling.

Advantages of MBBS in Uzbekistan

  1. Uzbekistan has the most reliable quality education, and the expense of medical training in Uzbekistan is low.
  2. Uzbekistan has numerous government-funded medical colleges, and bodies like MCI and WHO perceive many medical colleges.
  3. The language of guidance in the medical colleges in Uzbekistan is English, making it simple for Indian students to study in Uzbekistan’s medical colleges.
  4. Uzbekistan has an excellent framework, and the general climate in Uzbekistan is delightful.
  5. Uzbekistan MBBS course has more accentuation on the logical parts of training.
  6. The typical general cost for essential items in Uzbekistan is additionally low.
  7. Traveling to Uzbekistan isn’t troublesome as there are many non-stop flights from India to Uzbekistan.
  8. Students have an alternative to pick hostels or any apartments to live in with high-class faculty and safe living.
  9. Numerous colleges, pretty much every college and school has an Indian mess, and in this way, there is no issue for any Indian student about their life of tongue.
  10. Numerous students search for part-time jobs for their expenses or some different reasons. So there is no compelling reason to go house to house for internships since college gives low maintenance occupations. You need to apply for that.

The Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Uzbekistan

The eligibility criteria for pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan is as follows-

  1. Students should pass out 10 + 2 with a regular board.
  2. 60% marks in physics, chemistry, biology.
  3. Cleared NEET.
  4. Students should know English (IELTS not required).

Scholarship Offered To Students For MBBS In Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Universities are not offering admission-based MBBS scholarships for Medical students, but they offer some scholarships to excellent students at the end of the year. 5 years MBBS/BDS Degree Program, including clinical Internship or clinical rotation. Uzbekistan is a renowned aspiration for Medical examination in English Medium for worldwide students, particularly for Pakistani and Indian students, given the moderate MBBS Fees; most medical colleges are Government colleges with Top worldwide positioning. The central matter is WHO and PMC approve all the Medical colleges, Uzbekistan is lined by five As a sovereign state, Uzbekistan is a mainstream, unitary established republic. It contains 12 territories and one self-ruling republic. The capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent.

Samarkand State Medical Institute

Name: Samarkand State Medical Institute

Duration: 6 Years.

Samarkand State Medical Institute is the first institute of central Asia founded in 1930 and situated in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. It is one of the largest Institutes counted amongst the NMC approved universities of Uzbekistan, definitely a better option for worldwide medical aspirants for doing MBBS.

The institute made a valuable contribution to medical science development on a world level. Implementation of the credit module education system based on meeting the needs of ECTS which actively attracts foreign students.

Samarkand State Medical Institute has rich material and technical foundation. All facilities are available for obtaining top quality MBBS education, leisure activities and accommodation.

Apply on the official website of Samarkand State Medical Institute and fill correct details of application forms for taking admission in MBBS course.

Cost Of Study For MBBS in Samarkand State Medical Institute*Others include cost towards Medical insurance, Resident permit extension, Text Books etc.The costs are calculated at 1 Hryvnia = 3 INR and it generally varies within +/- 10% range.The total cost to study MBBS in Belarus at ‘B+’ Graded University – Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU) would be Rs. 24,36,000 for 6 years. Kindly add the cost of Doctor Educon Consultancy service charges towards Counseling, Guidance, Admission, Travel services (Air Ticket + Visa + Hostel Drop) as per the Registration form.In order to guarantee your place for MBBS in Belarus programs, you shall really have to time your application perfectly.The problem is not with the admission letter but mainly the Invitation letter & Visa process which takes around 2-3 months to be issued from Ministry of Education & consulate of Belarus. Visa is issued only on the basis of this Invitation letter. Also, one must remember that there have been few cases of visa rejection by Belarus consulate for Indian students apart from very high cost of Visa for Indian students. (3 times the cost of Russian Visa).


The students must fit in eligibility criteria to get admission in Samarkand State Medical Institute:

  1. The student must complete the age of 17 years at least or before the 31st December of the admission year for MBBS.
  2. The student must clear 10+12 with physics, chemistry, biology and English subjects.
  3. The student must achieve a minimum score of 50% marks in PCB.
  4. The open category students must score 50% in PCB.
  5. ST/SC/OBC category students must score 45% in PCB.
  6. The student must be qualified in NEET examination.


The Samarkand State Medical Institute provides spacious and safe dormitories to Worldwide students:

  1. The Institute offers hostel rooms which are fully furnished, safe and comfortable.
  2. Hostel provides all basic facilities including the hot and cold water and centralised heating system.
  3. The hostel system has a common kitchen, restroom, computer room and study rooms
  4. Furniture, washing machines, and modern television are available in the comfort zone of students.
  5. The kitchen is equipped with refrigerators and gas stoves for international students to cook their own meal
  6. There is a gymnasium for students equipped with all necessary facilities.
  7. The hostel system is equipped with 24 hours of excellent security facilities.
  8. The reading room is equipped with educational literature, newspapers and magazines
  9. Laundry rooms are available in the hostel.
  10. 24 hours of the Internet is available in hostel rooms.

Documents Required:

Medical aspirants must submit essential documents required during MBBS admission:

  1. Application forms must be submitted to the university office.
  2. Academic mark sheet (original and copy).
  3. Leaving certificate from the previous school.
  4. Applicants must submit original medical reports and HIV reports.
  5. Health and Life insurance is required.
  6. Declaration for financial support must be submitted during MBBS admission.
  7. A valid passport copy is essential to carry during admission time.
  8. Passport size photos are required for admission.
  9. Birth certificates must be submitted during admission.

Samarkand State Medical Institute – MBBS Course DurationMentioned below is the MBBS duration offered by Samarkand State Medical Institute:

  • Samarkand State Medical Institute provides 5 years of the medical program.
  • In the first 5 years, the medical aspirants will acquire basic knowledge of medicine by highly educated professors and teachers in English medium of instruction.
  • Medical aspirants get basic theoretical and practical knowledge of MBBS course in a detailed manner.


STUDY MBBS IN Uzbekistan

Sr. No.University Name
1Samarkand State Medical University
2Andijan State Medical Institute
3Tashkent State Dental Institute
4Bukhara State Medical Institute