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Our Consultancy advisory services are based on the personal assessment of every university represented by Doctor Educon Consultancy recommends to the students whichever country it is based! The basic philosophy for accepting a university representation in India is:

The university needs to be top ranked in that country.The program must lead to employment in the destination country.  The cost of the program should match with the same program in India! Doctor Educon Consultancy on the other side started with students in its mind and focused on high demand programs irrespective of the country and initiated its operations 5 years back from MBBS as its core expertise area. Doctor Educon Medical Training & Consultancy Services serves as top overseas education consultants based in Ahmednagar, advising students on study abroad options on the International education arena to give high quality solutions to the Indians in a very niche product line. Generally, the education consultants in India represent various private universities from conventional English speaking countries and provide solutions for study in the USA or study in Canada. The foremost institute of Medical Training & Consultancy Services from MBBS, Engineering, MBA ,Study in Germany, USA, Abroad & many others.

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By 2015, it has expanded its portfolio to 10 countries and 5 major focus areas such as






Masters Level Program

Masters Level Program

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DoctorEducon is the foremost institute of Medical Training & Consultancy Services, that aims at providing versatile skills, upbringing new talent in the market. At DoctorEducon, we ensure that training are conducted by expert trainers and specialists having profound knowledge in their area  of specialization with proven work experience.

We offer wide range of courses from with best Medical Training & Consultancy Programs for  MBBS, Engineering, MBA , Study in Germany, Study in USA, MBBS Abroad and many others. We Empower students to get acclaimed globally and realize dreams of the future. DoctorEducon Consultancy is best place to consult for your International degree. You can pursue your MBBS degree the easiest way.

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