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Yes, as far as the international standards are concerned, clearly it is the safest one. Apart from this, the cops are very much trustworthy and are ready to offer help, anytime, anywhere.

The only thing you are supposed to do is call 100, if you have any problem, a rare instance. Doubtlessly, there is no reason to bother about the crime scenes in Germany. Feel free to move wherever you want in the country of Germany without safety concerns.

Yes you can! In fact, a huge flock of foreign students in Germany, every year, is an obvious reason for this.

In addition to this, Germany is known best for its free cost of studies at exclusive institutes with world-class infrastructure and professional expertise.

Below are the perfect reasons for why you should go for study in Germany:

  • Free tuition fees at public universities in Germany.
  • The universities in Germany provide you with excellent infrastructure and a phenomenal curriculum.
  • The country of Germany is proven to be the safest place of the entire European Nation.
  • Countless degree programs offered in English language, thus making it quite comfortable for Indian students.
  • Foreign students in Germany can avail Good scholarship opportunities.
  • The German degree has a great value, globally.

The requirements are pretty much similar to what you need in every study abroad destination. However, click here to have a detailed view of what you might require!

Well! It is quite obvious for foreign students as well as German students to go for it. The reason is clear, the universities in Germany charge low or no tuition fee at all.

In addition to this, there are no concerns for safety and placements. After this, you got to learn a new language altogether.

The degree you earn from the German universities is recognized at every place around the Globe. Furthermore, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

See, mostly it depends on your country of origin, study level, and which university you select. However, the public universities in Germany do not charge any fee.

You can expect to pay a nominal charge for administration every semester.

If you are already a recent graduate from Germany, the fees for post-graduation will be avoided or would be reduced to a reasonable extent.

Like every other course offered, even the medicine course is free of cost at almost every next public university in Germany.

Just keep in Mind; you will require a strong knowledge of both English as well as German language. Unlike other countries, the medical training program in Germany doesn’t split the bachelor and master degrees.

When you study abroad in Germany, you need to have “HZB”. It is a kind of higher education entrance qualification. Formats for Hochschulgangberechtigung (HZB), vary differently especially for foreign students.

 As the medium of instruction at most of the universities in Germany is German, you must know at least the basics.

In fact, all the foreign students in Germany are supposed to prove the proficiency, either by taking a preparatory course or via language test results. The accepted ones are: Test DaF, DSD, GDS and DSH. Just in case if you study only for two semesters, you might not need this.

The admission process keeps on varying with universities in Germany. Therefore, you are expected to have a good knowledge about your chosen one. In case, if you are unable to find the requirements, read this.

Also, make sure to translate the verified copy of your asked requirements and keep copies of it. Here are the admission requirements of German universities.