Doctor Educon

Odessa National Medical University

Odessa National Medical University is one of the Oldest Independent
Medical Universities of USSR and Europe. High standards of life of
Odessa residents was the main reason for opening a medical faculty
in Odessa. On the 1st of September 1900, the Medical Faculty in
Odessa was opened under the Greater Novorossisk University of
USSR. The Medical Faculty of Odessa played a significant role in
medicine of Ukraine, a lot of research works were done by this Faculty.
Before the opening of Odessa Medical Faculty of Novorossisk
University the main administrative, education buildings and Clinics
were constructed with the modern style by highly qualified architects
of USSR and Europe. At that time (the beginning of the century) the
Medical faculty of Odessa was one of the leading and the most
effective medical school in Ukraine. Many world-known scientists
worked for Odessa Medical Faculty and took part in all research works
for Odessa National Medical University.

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