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Numerous subtle but significant differences exist between the two.

An MBBS in India would mean either one from a government college or one from a private university while a qualification from a government university is comparably in reorganization and market value to an MBBS through Doctor Educon Consultancy from abroad.  The first major difference is in the amount that you will be investing for your MBBS. 

Take a look at this table 


Average Total Fee

Gov Med Univ, India

2.5-3 lakhs (INR)

Priv Med Univ, India

1.5-2 crore (INR)

State Med Univ, Russia

20.30 lakhs (INR)

State Med Univ, Ukraine

20-30 lakhs (INR)

State Med Univ, China

20-35 lakhs (INR)

You must have noted the extremely high fee charged by Private Medical University in India. If you manage to get a seat in an Indian Government Medical university, good for you! If not, MBBS abroad is the option. The countries and Universities that  Doctor Educon Consultancy provides admission to have a very high international recognition. Doctor Educon Consultancy  provides admission to only English taught programs in government Universities only. So, choosing such a course of action is much more secure in terms of your career in Medicine. All these universities are old and with a proven track record. Most importantly, you became a better doctor as the teaching, both practical and theoretical, is very good. You also get the option of doing your post graduation from another country along with India.

Yes, it is possible for an Indian student to get admission in Ukraine for MBBS course with a budget of 25 lakhs. Doctor Educon Consultancy only deals with MCI Approved Government University.

Following are the universities that Doctor Educon Consultancy provides:

  • Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University

  • Bukovinian State Medical University

  • Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University

  • National Pirogov M M U Vinnytsya

  • Ternopil Medical University

  • Bogomolets National Medical University

  • Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy Poltava

  • Zaporizhia State Medical University

  • Black sea National University

  • Taras Shevchenko National University

If you want to study MBBS, both the countries offer excellent opportunities. However, there is a lot of difference in doing MBBS from USA (Via Caribbean) and that from Indian medical college, your financial stability being a major factor.

Well, here are some points why to choose Caribbean:

  • Cost of living and education
  • Quality of life
  • Quality of Education
  • Career opportunities

Well there are many other factors that can be considered to the final conclusion, but I think the above reasons are enough to make better choice.

While planning to study MBBS abroad, if you choose countries like Ukraine, Russia, China, etc. you’ll have to qualify the NEET exam which is an eligibility criterion for admission in many foreign medical universities. Moreover, in case you are wondering to study MBBS in USA, you’ll have to appear for the MCAT exam.

This is not possible at all but if you choose to study in countries like Germany and US then you can get the admission without any NEET score! However, in US you have to do PG also and if you opt for Germany then you won’t be able to come back to India as the students there have to settle and practice in Germany only.

Well, you have spent a lot of time giving the NEET exam. Now you are thinking to sit back and look for another course or what could be better for you is to think smartly now.

Now this is the time when you need MOSKH at your disposal. All you need to do is think about taking a step forward to MBBS abroad. Don’t waste another precious year or lose hope, go undoubtedly to this option and start your journey with Doctor Educon Consultancy.

When you’re planning on studying MBBS in Germany, there isn’t any NEET score required. The procedure starts with the basic German language learning and as soon as you complete your language levels, you have to give an exam which is known as the FSP exam.

Bogomolets National Medical University is approved by Medical Council of India (MCI), UNESCO and other International organizations. MBBS course in Bogomolets National Medical University is of 6 year duration. However every academic year of an MBBS course is divided into 2 semesters.

Following are the Benefits to study in BOGOMOLETS NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY:

  • Cost of living in Bogomolets National Medical University is very low
  • It offers good quality of Education
  • Student who are pursuing their MBBS in Bogomolets National University have very low tuition fees
  • University organizes student exchange programs in various Healthcare within EU and outside also.
  • The admission process for MBBS is quite easy as compare to other University

Yes, studying MBBS course in Bukovinian State Medical University is worth it in every aspect. The course duration is for 6 year, the university has been recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI) and World Health Organization (WHO). Bukovinian State Medical University has a dedicated teaching staff and put tremendous efforts in familiarizing students with the teaching method.

Advantage to pursue MBBS in Bukovinian State Medical University:

  • University has the finest of the accommodation for all their students
  • The tuition fees is affordable
  • University offers students exchange program with the countries like Russia, Poland etc and other various opportunities for Bukovinian State Medical University’s Students.
  • The living cost is very low for International students
  • Students can opt for extra-curricular activities in the University.

Following are the universities that Doctor Educon Consultancy suggest:

  • Crimean Federal University
  • Pirogov Russia National Medical University
  • Rostov State Medical University
  • Kazan State Medical University
  • Dagestan State Medical University

The reason why students dream to pursue their MBBS from abroad over India is undoubtedly, most of the International medical universities have excelled in their pedagogy and deliver high quality of education.

Indian pvt medical universities charge almost 3-4 times more and the teaching is not even half as good.

Equally important is the fact that the degrees from such medical colleges has a global recognition while, true or not, there is always a doubt regarding this when it comes to Pvt Indian Medical Universities.

Pivotal is the fact that the equipment, facilities and the infrastructure of the Universities to which Doctor Educon Consultancy provides admissions are far better than what you find in private Indian Universities.

In Indian, the students who opt for private medical Universities are more often than not extremely reached and there are not even serious about their studies. In such company it is farfetched to expect your ward to focus on studies.

In a nutshell it does not make any sense in the world to concede doing an MBBS from Pvt University from India academically, financially and personally.

In the starting of the journey to MBBS there are lots of challenges through which Doctor Educon Consultancy can guide you.

As soon as you complete your 12th taking PCB all you need to do start preparation for NEET exam. Keep in mind you must score good marks in specific subjects that are Chemistry, Botany and Zoology so that you can easily get the MCI approved University for your MBBS in abroad. Because you need to at least qualify the exam as soon you score good marks now this is a time to select your University. It is not easy as it make sound. There are numerous universities across the globe offering MBBS. Only an expert like Doctor Educon Consultancy can give you the discerning ability. It is all about choosing right University.

Once you find yourself in a good university you’re planning for doing post graduation should begin. This is another check point where Doctor Educon Consultancy comes to your rescue.

If you want to become a doctor, you start planning right from your matriculation and you continue to brainstorm and take changes to complete your PG.

Or, come to Doctor Educon Consultancy we’ll take care of everything you do.

Merits of studying MBBS in Abroad:

  • Tuition fees in most of the MCI approved University is much less than that of Indian private University.
  • There is no donation required
  • Student have high International opportunities
  • Studying in abroad you have more research opportunities
  • In abroad there is less competition and more number of seats
  • Exposure new and different culture

Demerits of studying MBBS in India:

  • The instant you start inquiring about MBBS abroad you will be accosted by numerous agents who will try to dupe you. Many students have suffered miserably because of this.
  • If you choose a wrong country or a bad university you will be wasting your parents’ hard earn money and more importantly your precious time.

In very few cases, the idea of leaving your home country can be very intermediating which is not the case when you feel save in the aegis of Doctor Educon Consultancy.

Studying MBBS from Ukraine many people thing that they won’t be able to return back after their completion of MBBS course but let me clear you this it is absolutely wrong information. You can come back Indian after the 5 year of your completion and 8months of internship.

All you need to do is give the FMGE exam which is also known as MCI screening test or NEXT exam in India as soon as you qualified this exam you will be eligible to come back in India and practice as a doctor.

Studying MBBS from China many people think that they won’t be able to return back after their completion of the MBBS course but let me clear you this it is not true. You can come back to India after the completion of your MBBS course in china.

All you need to do is crack the MCI screening test which is also known as NEXT exam. Scoring good marks in exams can make you eligible to practice in India as a doctor.

Studying MBBS from Russia many people think that they won’t be able to return back after their completion of the MBBS course but this is not the right information. You can return back to India after the completion of your MBBS course.

All you have to do is appear for the FMGE exam/ MCI/ NEXT exam which is not so difficult to pass. As soon as you qualify this exam you get the license to practice as a doctor in India.

Yes, it is required for the following countries:

  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • China etc.

But, for Germany and some other countries there is no need to give NEET exam as the criteria is different.

While planning to send their kids abroad, the very first thing that comes to every parent’s mind is if the country that they are selecting is safe for their child or not.

Sometimes our nation may be politically unstable which can be dangerous sometimes a war or finical instability can also become a cause of consult. Either your parents or you should do a lot of research before choosing a country or you should subscribe to MOSKH and let us worry about everything.

Yes, it is possible to pursue both MBBS and PG in the same university. This can be done in only selected countries like Germany etc. So, before you plan to do MBBS and Pg make sure you take expected help in this matter before choosing the University.