Doctor Educon

Faculty of Medicine - University of Rzeszow

The University of Rzeszów was officially established
in 2001, combining several older insertions. Nowadays,
the university is hosting more than 22,000 students in
10 faculties. It is located in the largest city of the Southeastern
Poland – Rzeszow. The city is situated on both sides of the
Wislok River in the Sandomierz Basin. The town received
its city rights and privileges 7 centuries ago in 1354 by
Casimir III the Great. Being a tremendous historical
heritage, the city has more than 180,000 citizens and is
home to some of Poland’s best universities. If you are deep
into studying medicine abroad in English, the University of
Rzeszów is one of the best choices you can make. This
medical school offers a 6-year M.D. course thoroughly taught in
English. Students have practical classes in local hospitals with
more than 6,000 professionals cooperating with the faculty.

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