Doctor Educon

Dagestan state medical university

07 February 1938 Chechen-Ingush Teaching Institute was
established based on preparatory pedagogical courses with a
two-year study period and subsequently, on 01 September 1938 it
was reformed into the Chechen-Ingush State Pedagogical Institute
(ChISPI) with a four-year study period. The Institute comprised
three Faculties: Philology, History and Physics and Maths. A little
later Natural Sciences and Geography Faculty joined them. The first
cohort of new graduates was 79 people.
In 1940 the body of ChISPI already included 8 Departments (Physics,
Maths, Pedagogy and Psychology, Languages, Literature, Marxism
and Leninism, General History, History of USSR Peoples), 6
classrooms and other units: School Hygiene Office, Military
Preparation, Sports Hall, Physics Laboratory, Library

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