Doctor Educon

Crimea Federal Medical University

MBBS in Russia is one of the most popular programs among Indian students. More than 6,000 Indians have returned in the last 20 years of Indians going to Russia. In 2014, Russia took over the complete control of the Crimea region from Ukraine. Accordingly, every year this university is widely opted for by Indian students since the degree is accepted by Russian authorities in the education ministry. The surrounding and the campus is an extremely peaceful and void of any distractions. The university is situated in the city of Simperofol which is a very beautiful city. Many agents in India wrongly communicate that Crimea is unsafe
which is absolutely untrue. The highest number of Indian students –
 around 850+ study MBBS at this university. However, it is amply clear that the region is completely controlled by Russia and one can easily search that on the internet. Further, the Medical Council of India also has confirmed in the latest list of approved MBBS universities abroad that the university is present in Russia.

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