Doctor Educon

Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College

Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College is geared towards providing
excellent broad-based education with a focus on professional
development for the students to equip them with knowledge, skill and
attitude necessary not only to address the priority health problems
of the community but also to acquire a firm basis for future training
and studies. Helping students to Acquire a KNOWLEDGE and
UNDERSTANDING of health and its promotion, and of diseases.
Their prevention and management, in the context of whole individual
and his or her place in the family and the society .
The present campus of the college is located, 9 KM from The Shahjala
Internation Airport, at Konia of Gazipur City ( near Boardbazar ), the
medical college, including the hospital, stands on the DhakaMymensingh highway-just outside the capital city

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